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April 16, 2009

Let’s Eat

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Philippine custom is that if it is your birthday, you throw the party. My plan for a simple little gathering spun so out of control that after two days of shopping I ended up with a hundred pound pig, four big fish, five chickens, three cases of beer, two cases of rum, and a live band. Part of the idea was to give a little back to the community, but my neighbors ended up doing most of the work.

All I did with the pig was pick her out of a back yard pen a few houses down. These guys took care of everything else.

Lechon Masters

Women friends came hours early to help me clean and set up. They attended to the other guests, danced up a storm, and stayed until every dish was washed.

The Welcoming Committee

Bebe, my landlady, neighbor, and best friend in the islands

One patiently explained while mincing a couple dozen heads of garlic, “It is hard for a man to do these things.”

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