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November 25, 2008

Freud in the Philippines

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Long ago, at just about this time year, I was invited by a high school friend to go quail hunting on his farm. The November sky was a soft gray that I’ve always loved against the brown earth and tan corn stalks. At first I was excited with anticipation, but after walking fence rows for a couple of hours my mind moved on to other things. When we finally did scare up a covey I was so startled I couldn’t decide which one to shoot and ended up missing them all. Traumatic events have a way of recurring, and when this one does, I intend to correct it.

On a manifestly and latently related note, I met this week a guy who introduced himself as special operative in charge of security throughout the island; a Captain of some sort. We had a nice chat looking out over Lazi Bay and he invited me to his home for a few shots of “ginseng wine”, which turned out to be the local brandy with a ginseng root stuffed into the bottle. Amazingly the root continues to grow, sending out so many tendrils that after a few months the entire volume is filled. My new friend spoke very highly of the manly virtues of this concoction and promised to prepare a bottle especially for me if I returned a few days later, which of course I did. When I arrived he was cleaning his assault rifle and 9mm. Now he’s invited me to target practice with the head of the armed forces and the Governor. Excellent prep for the recurrence, I think. Those guys must have bagged lots of quail.


  1. It would be interesting to see a time lapse of the root development. Tropical fruit and freeranging quail–you are living large.

    Comment by scott — November 27, 2008 @ 11:52 pm

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