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May 22, 2009

New Home Starts

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When I returned from Cebu I found that my landlady had begun construction on a cottage in my backyard. No more view to the sea. Having a beachfront place to rent out has always been her dream, though, so I was happy for her. I was less happy to hear that she had financed it at 3.5% per month and was planning to cut down the biggest tree in her yard for lumber.

While having my coffee the next morning I heard the workers pass by. Seemed a little odd that they were starting before 4:00 a.m. with only the moonlight to see by, but then I remembered them digging in the hot sun the previous afternoon and I thought I understood. I didn’t. My landlady later explained that “there is a traditional way to build a house.” The workers had come before sunrise to place in the new excavation some hair, a few old coins, and blood. The hollow blocks they build with around here literally crumble in your hands, so maybe it’s not a bad idea.


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