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May 26, 2007

Tempting Fate

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Turo Turo in Cebu

There are millions of little sidewalk restaurants like this in every town in the Philippines. In Tagalog they’re called “turo turo”, meaning “point point”. Often the dishes are one each of fish, chicken, pork, and beef, along with a vegetarian item or two like eggplant or monggo soup (mung beans, my favorite). At some the food is pretty good and you can always eat plenty for 60 cents or so plus drinks. I never really had any digestive trouble here to begin with, and after a few months in the country I seem to be able to eat almost anything. In one particularly unthinking 24 hour period a few days ago I ate kinilaw (raw fish) late in the evening at a fiesta and drank a lot of tap water and got off scot-free. God really does watch out for fools.

I occasionally joke about the various minor dangers in the Phils. Yesterday I came across another: all you can eat (or as they say here, “eat all you can”) pizza and all you can drink beer at Ratsky’s in the Ayala Center for about $3.30. That would lead to my slow but certain demise if I lived in Cebu. Ate a bit healthier last night at a little Thai and Vietnamese place just across the way from Rasky’s called Lemon Grass. They go inexplicably light on the fish sauce, but it was still pretty good.

The evening ended at Jazz and Blues near the Castle Peak Hotel. They began with slightly popped-up jazz standards then moved into slightly jazzed-up pop. Some of the ballads were charming, and I enjoyed the house band’s cover of Oye Como Va a lot, but things got a little strange toward the end when a male vocalist who seemed to be charicaturing Vegas impersonators took over. Skin-tight long-sleeved ornamented white shirt, shiny black bell-bottoms, Wayne-Newton hair, and Elvis moves, all times-two and played completely straight. He got the place moving, with many of Cebu’s most beautiful people hitting the dance floor to Cha-cha.

I’m off now to Sto. Nino, the most famous church in Cebu, to confess having enjoyed that.

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