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February 19, 2008


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There are lots of little places to stay on the coastal road that runs around Siquijor. My three favorites offer great views of the spectacular sunsets over Negros and Mindanao.

Coco Grove Beach Resort is gorgeous; great landscaping, comfortable cottages (native styling, but marble baths!), two nice pools, and a white sand beach that is just long enough for a little walk. It is located in Tubod, a few kilometers south of San Juan. Their colorful jeepney seems always to be at the pier in Siquijor town picking people up, so transportation is easy. Sea Explorers have a dive shop there. About P2000 for a standard aircon double room.

Coco Grove Path

Coco Grove Beach

Coral Cay Resort is on my favorite beach in the Philippines, long and picturesque. The small pool is lovely and private and there is a large restaurant looking out on the sea. The fan rooms near the back are comfortable enough at P800, but located in close proximity to the neighborhood’s crowing cocks. Probably the nicer cabins nearer the beach are a bit quieter. The town of San Juan is a very leisurely 30 minute walk to the south.

Coral Cay Pool

Kiwi Dive Resort is at the hilly, drier, and somewhat less populated northern end of the island in Sandugan. They have a nice native fan-only cottage for about P700 at the beach and several other rooms, some a short hike up the hill. Kiwi is smaller and more rustic than the other two. No pool. The rates at the dive shop are good and the house reef and nearby marine sanctuary are well worth a look. The popular Salag Do-ong beach is a short motorcycle ride away. There are a couple of other resorts in easy walking distance in case you want to try their restaurants. I highly recommend the one at Casa de la Playa.

Kiwi Dive Resort Grounds and Cottage

The beach near Kiwi Dive Resort


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