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May 10, 2007

Calling the Philippines

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It’s not hard, and if you call a business you can expect the person answering to speak pretty good English. Just enunciate clearly and be patient.

Land Line

To call a land line in the Philippines from the United States dial:
011 63 (area code)(local number).

63 is the country code.

Area codes can be found here.

A few area codes are: Manila 2, Cebu 32, Dumaguete and Siquijor 35.

The local number for the Cherry Blossoms Hotel in Manila is 524 7631.
From the US I dial: 011 63 2 524 7631.

Mobile/Cell Phone

The mobile/cell numbers with which I am familiar begin with zero. To call one of those from the United States you drop the zero and you do not use an area code. You do use the country code.

Suppose the local cell phone number is 0920 123 4567.
From the US dial: 011 63 920 123 4567.


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